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What Defines Us

By October 25, 2018Food for thought

Every day each of us has to choose who or what defines us. There are a mountain of temptations vying for that place in our lives – political opinions, personal problems and challenges, the pressures of life, the past, the present, and on they go. Who or what we allow to define us determines who or what controls us. Some people are controlled by their political party. They do exactly what that party tells them to do no matter how ridiculous or unethical. Some allow the past to control them. And while I understand and sympathize with it, the past all too often takes its liberty to recreate the past’s pain repeatedly. Others allow the opinions of radio hosts, Hollywood stars, and pundits to define them, almost like a puppet to the puppet master. Drugs, fear, our insecurities, critical and negative people, and the incessant desire to please others; these are just a few things off the top of my head that I know can define people.

So, the question is, who or what really deserves to control us? Who or what deserves to define who we are?

The Creator is the only One who has the right to control us. He earned that right by sending us what no man ever has – Himself. He bore all the ugliness and sin known to man so we could be free. And His control is not like that of a slave to his or her master. His control is the essence of love. Under His control, our worldview and actions are the result of the absorption of the truths left to us in passages inspired by the Creator.

If we make it our number one goal to put Him in that position, we are PROMISED hundreds of times in scripture, that our lives will not only be better, but blessed.

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