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Posture & A Phone Call with a Demon

By November 9, 2018Mission Force

Posture is everything to us if we are going to overcome in this life. Because the Enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, our situational awareness, both in the spiritual and natural realms, cannot be overstated.

My wife is really good at giving me a list of tasks that need to be done around the house. Her ideas of a “task” are to build a barn or paint the upstairs in its entirety. When this happens, I almost always respond to her request like this: “Honey, I will look at my schedule and get back to you.” Usually that works for about a week, and then she begins the verbal part. Basically, my wife has learned that motivating me to do things I deem low on the priority list is to make me so fed up with hearing about it, I actually do it.

One day I was painting the upstairs. It’s literally impossible for me to even open a can of paint without it getting all over the place. I’m serious. Once I take on a painting job, it is guaranteed that not only will the walls get painted, but just about everything else near the work area. Once the job is done, I have to spend more time cleaning up my mess than I did on the job.

One particular day I was about half done with painting the upstairs when I received a phone call from a number I didn’t know. For some stupid reason I answered it, painting my iPhone in the process. I quickly attached my headset and began talking. The person on the other end was someone I had once known. I quickly began to tell him that I was unable to talk due to my situation. Now I want to warn you that I am about to take you into a conversation with a demon. I am going to tell you what the demon said and how I responded. My reason is not to give airtime to the lies of a devil but to show you by example what posture means.

The voice on the other end responded to my request to talk later by telling me that no pastor would talk to him now. I did not realize yet the man was demon possessed, and I didn’t want to offend him, so I agreed to talk. He then began to tell me that what he was about to say was intended to teach me something I really needed regarding my understanding of God. He then followed with the statement, “I have more wisdom than you could obtain in many lifetimes.” He told me that he was more than a thousand years old. Because I was postured correctly, I discerned correctly. I knew that I wasn’t just dealing with drugs, alcohol, or a psychological disorder. In thirty years of counseling I can tell when someone is suffering from such diseases. This was undoubtedly a demon.

Most people at this point would just hang up the phone. But a man who is postured for battle doesn’t run when the enemy shows up. If anyone was going to hang up, it was going to be the devil. He then began by asking me a number of questions: “Is the devil a man or a woman?” Being postured requires having the ability to stand against darkness but also knowing the strategy for dealing with the wiles of the devil. Here is an example: If a person asked me if the devil is a man or woman, I would give a biblical response. But since I was speaking to a demon, it was necessary that I fight him on spiritual terms. My response to the first question was a blunt, “I don’t care!” Since that answer didn’t give him anywhere to go, he asked his second question. “The Bible is a children’s book. In my 1000 years, I know that real truth cannot be found in that book.” I said, “Sorry, you are wrong.” It was then that he began to emphatically demand that I listen to what he was telling me because he was not wrong. When I told the demon that his opinion on life was not going to change one thing in me, he began to get verbally abusive. It was then that I told him to take all his opinions, along with his attitude, and go to hell. The next thing I heard was a click. Sweet! Posture is the only reason I was prepared to fight this fight. It felt good to give one of Satan’s imps a beating. Really good!

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