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This past weekend my 4-year-old granddaughter talked me into watching the movie Frozen with her. She climbed on my lap with a blanket which meant I wasn’t going anywhere until the movie was over. I’m sure most of you know what the movie is about, but for those of you who don’t, in short, it’s about a princess who freezes everything and everybody in her path. I must admit I was not fully present to the moment as my mind went where it usually does, asking myself the question, what can I take away from this which will be a useful mentoring tool.

I am aware of the power of the world to freeze us. For some reason, the past 2 years have been brutal on my family with over a dozen tragic situations. The most difficult happened ten months ago, when our oldest son died leaving behind a pregnant wife and three boys. His passing meant that as grandparents we were responsible for everything, beginning with his funeral. If you have lost someone you know how this freezes you in place and consumes your thoughts and actions. The grief process can be long, and for some, forever. My point is that life, the devil, etc. is really good at handing us experiences which freeze us in place. That being said, we cannot allow ourselves to stay frozen. We must force the thawing process through prayer and renewed hope- both in our belief in ourselves, and God’s providence of determination to move forward. The story of Mike is a great illustration.

SGT Mike Daquette served in the United States Army as a MP serving both in combat and law enforcement. Six years ago, his life changed in a blink of an eye in a horrific motorcycle accident leaving him with the worst documented traumatic brain injury recorded at Fort Campbell. His injuries have created a list of disabilities as well as restrictions both physically and mentally. With the help of his family, he has kept an amazing attitude. Mike had been essentially frozen by one tragic event. But even with his brain injuries, Mike was determined to thaw and move forward. One of the main goals he had was to obtain a service dog to aid him in all facets of life. The challenge Mike and his family had was obtaining the funds to purchase one. That is when an amazing company called Global K9, based in Franklin, Tennessee called me. They had decided to give away a service dog several times a year to a needy veteran or active duty serviceman. Through the resources of Mission Force, we were able to quickly find Mike.
We were able to bring these two wonderful souls together. It was nothing short of extraordinary to see Valor climb up into SGT Daquette’s lap with a kiss on the face and a look that clearly said, “I’m yours and you’re mine, and we will be there for each other.” Both Valor and SGT Daquette will now start training together to build an even greater bond before they both move on to their next adventure.

If this story fits you at the moment, please be encouraged. I promise you that you can move beyond this pain. And if you need help, reach out for a hand. Ours is always extended.

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