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Food for thought

A Chill

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It doesn’t take a genius to determine times and seasons. One just needs to look at nature and the answer is obvious. A couple of weeks ago, I was welcoming the idea of winter’s arrival when a cold chill went down my spine – not because of the impending cold outside, but the inner feeling of what is coming spiritually outside.

Society is like nature. It has times and seasons. There are times of relative peace, calm, rancor, and war. And while men are usually seen as the culprit of these moments, it is vital that we understand that man is rarely the initiator of them. An understanding of the trans-rational world will reveal a force which stands in diametrical opposition to each other – God and his angels, and the much less powerful Satan and his imps. We are told this fact in scripture many times, which also calls us to join God and His angels in the fight against those factors who wish to kill and destroy our world and all which God has created.

I rarely comment publicly on politics which doesn’t mean I don’t have convictions and personal beliefs on the subject. My reason is based upon a value I hold dear, which is to remain neutral publicly, so I can serve our military personnel who can be of either political persuasion. My belief on politics is derived from scripture which states emphatically that it is God who raises up men in political positions and not man. No matter what party is in power, I’m certain they are placed there because of God’s omniscient knowledge and plan. This gives me peace even at times when I see the cold season that will come upon us soon.

There are ranks in the evil forces which meddle in the affairs of men. I would state them, but I am really not interested in giving these maggots that much thought. Suffice it to say, their leader is given many names, including the accuser of the brethren. We might not be aware, but accusation is one of the most powerful tools Satan has in his arsenal. Yesterday, I read of a nine-year-old African American girl who committed suicide because of the accusations leveled against her because her best friend was white. This tragedy betrays the power of words which are fueled by evil forces.

I can say without reservation that the media is adept and experienced at being an instrument of accusation. And I will go as far as to say that the majority of what comes from media is fueled by a spiritual force which feeds upon the ensuing strife emanating from the lies and accusations.

It is my deepest belief that we are about to enter into a season of unprecedented accusations fed by the accuser of the brethren himself. You might wonder what good it does for me to communicate this warning. My goal is to activate every believing person to join the fight against this through spiritual warfare, wise speech, and boldness in facing those who are agents of this disgusting banter. And this call is not a right or left one, but rather one which reaches up to the heavens and declares to God, “here I am use me.” This is what Jesus did when He was accused by those burning with evil spirits. Jesus chose to allow the accusation to work in his favor and ultimately result in the salvation of men.

I will be writing more on this subject but in the meantime, I encourage you to ready yourself. Make a decision not to be used to disseminate information which feeds this evil. Also, learn to pray against false accusations and test what you hear rather than sheepishly accepting everything which aligns with your opinion. And remember, God HATES strife. Behind every false accusation is the door to it. And we are told, where there is strife there is EVERY KIND OF EVIL.

What Defines Us

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Every day each of us has to choose who or what defines us. There are a mountain of temptations vying for that place in our lives – political opinions, personal problems and challenges, the pressures of life, the past, the present, and on they go. Who or what we allow to define us determines who or what controls us. Some people are controlled by their political party. They do exactly what that party tells them to do no matter how ridiculous or unethical. Some allow the past to control them. And while I understand and sympathize with it, the past all too often takes its liberty to recreate the past’s pain repeatedly. Others allow the opinions of radio hosts, Hollywood stars, and pundits to define them, almost like a puppet to the puppet master. Drugs, fear, our insecurities, critical and negative people, and the incessant desire to please others; these are just a few things off the top of my head that I know can define people.

So, the question is, who or what really deserves to control us? Who or what deserves to define who we are?

The Creator is the only One who has the right to control us. He earned that right by sending us what no man ever has – Himself. He bore all the ugliness and sin known to man so we could be free. And His control is not like that of a slave to his or her master. His control is the essence of love. Under His control, our worldview and actions are the result of the absorption of the truths left to us in passages inspired by the Creator.

If we make it our number one goal to put Him in that position, we are PROMISED hundreds of times in scripture, that our lives will not only be better, but blessed.

The Field

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