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Since 1996, Mission Force Incorporated has helped service men and women across America successfully transition to civilian life so that they can truly come back home — body, mind and soul. We have offered a variety of programs to not just help veterans convert their military training, skills, and talents into valuable skills that can be applied to civilian life, but also for their families. With the advent of the combat efforts globally, the veteran community required a new and different approach. We needed and still need to do more. The mission hasn’t changed, it’s adjusted and we must adjust as well. The challenges facing our veterans in this modern age are far more advanced and as such, require advanced applications for success. We know this, because we are a part of this community.

Operated by combat veterans, Mission Force has a large network of veterans and supporters, all aimed at helping our fellow brothers and sisters return to the positive life they deserve. Teaming up with other organizations, companies and supporters, we seek to put together a responsive support network to accomplish our mission. The mission of helping our nation’ finest in their time of need. Whether it be: transition assistance, family counseling, financial counseling, employment assistance, mental health or even getting a veteran back on their feet by communicating through social community building, whatever it takes…Mission Force plans to be there every step of the way.


Greg Wark

In 1996, Greg founded Mission Force, a non-profit organization, which uses mentoring relationships to help military personnel and their families cope with the ever changing emotions involved with military service. With a Doctorate of Ministry and a Masters in Theology, Greg built the roots of the organization on experience with mentoring healers and counseling positive personal growth paths. 

Promoting dynamic, positive, and influential leadership in high-pressure environments is what Greg and his wife, Amber, have devoted themselves to for the last thirty years. Greg served as a senior pastor of three congregations in Southern California before transitioned to full-time work in leadership development of military and law-enforcement personnel. In 1996, Greg founded Mission Force, a non-profit organization, which uses mentoring relationships to help military personnel and their families cope with the emotional leftovers of their chosen service. Greg has been actively involved as a pastor, counselor, mentor, and friend in a network of dynamic, caring individuals who have committed their lives to honorable service of their country. Greg is also credentialed as a chaplain with a federal law enforcement agency. For Greg, the work of Mission Force is a continuation of his passion to create dynamic, positive leaders who defend the vulnerable and serve with excellence in civic responsibilities. Greg has authored 2 books. “A Prophets Reward,” and most recently “A Good Death.” He has earned several post-graduate degrees including a master’s Degree in Theology and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Greg and Amber have been married for forty years and have five children and eight grandchildren. They currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Mario Volpe

From starting out in the Army Infantry, then to the 7th Special Forces Group and even working with Marine Special Operations at the Marine Raider Training Center. Mario Volpe has not just an extensive background in combat operations, but also in leadership and mentoring. He uses the skills, experience and leadership developed from working abroad within the military community, here to Mission Force. His intent is to use these gained attributes and skills to aid the organization in moving forward in its evolving mission to help veterans. 

Mario and his wife Kim have spent the majority of their lives together in service to this country. Mario enlisted into the Army in August 1988, serving the first 9 years in the Infantry until he graduated the Q course and became a Green Beret serving in the 7th Special Forces group for the remainder of his military career. During his duty in Special Forces, Mario deployed numerous times to South America and Afghanistan. Mario retired in Aug 2008 and deployed back to Afghanistan working with the Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization. After returning from Afghanistan Mario accepted a position with MARSOC. For the past 11 years, Mario has trained Special Operation Marines at the Marine Raider Training Center. Kim, also a veteran, serving 4 years in the Army. After leaving military service Kim decided to continue her service in Law Enforcement.It is a dream of Mario and Kim’s to give back to those who have experienced some of the same life-altering difficulties they did while serving. It is in that spirit they take charge of the vision of Mission Force, a nonprofit 501c3 to fight against the ravages of suicide their brothers and sister veterans are experiencing. We have seen the strength and courage of our brothers and sisters in the most violent places in the world, these same brothers and sisters come back and often face difficult struggles. It is all of our duty to prevent any of the brave men and women that sacrificed so much for their country from taking their own lives.
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Jon Lawson
Communications Director

Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 1998, serving as part of the Presidential Guard Detachment, to deploying as an infantryman in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, serving as a Master Instructor at the Marine Corps Staff NCO Academy Camp LeJeune, to gaining his Bachelors degree in Film and a Masters in Business and starting his own media production company, Jon Lawson has joined the Mission Force team to put forth a strong foot forward in making a difference in the veteran community. 

Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps in 1998, Jon Lawson was selected to be part of the Yankee White Presidential Support Unit - Guard Detachment and served in various capacities that supported security of personnel and installations in and around Marine Barracks Washington, D.C. Accepting orders as a Section Leader, he then served as Infantry Squad Leader with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines Kilo Company. Later, he took orders to 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines Charlie Company where he would stay for his combat deployments to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Here he was certified as a Coxswain Wave Leader and Raid Force Element Leader with the newly established Motorized Raid Force that replaced standard boat companies at the time. During his time as a Squad Leader, he trained foreign Djiboutian force in Africa in infantry tactics, implemented company-wide IED defeat training, combat life saver training, squad level urban tactical measures fortifying the “Strategic Corporal” and “Three Block War” concepts into company level operations. He was also a part of the testing personnel for the SAM-R prototype designated marksman rifle and trained with Special Operations Training Group East (SOTG) and Australian Master Sniper educators for employment. In 2007, Jon Lawson took orders to Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Academy due to injuries precluding him from future deployment as an infantryman. Here he worked with Marine Corps University and the MCU Enlisted Professional Military Education branch to establish the first Corporals Course run from the schoolhouse. Starting as the course’s Assistant Chief Instructor, he later took over as Chief Instructor, then NCOIC for the course and represented the course for SNCO Academy Camp Lejeune. While in this capacity, he became certified as a Senior Instructor and obtained both his Curriculum Developer/Administrator qualifications and Master Instructor. Receiving surgery for his injury, Jon Lawson was medically retired from military service in 2011. In 2012, Jon Lawson enrolled into the Full Sail University Film School Program and received his Bachelors in Science for Film with Directors Awards for Film Production, Special Effects Makeup and Cinematography in 2014. Moving to Virginia, he started Iron Alley Films, LLC a film production company for small end productions. He later enrolled again at Full Sail University to obtain his Master of Science in Business with a focus in Entertainment Business, obtaining honors as the Achievement Award graduate in 2018. Jon Lawson currently works in conjunction with Arrow Security & Training, LLC as an independent contractor and has started his media production company Echo 5 Media, focused on veteran content creators and businesses that seek to establish connection within the community. He continues to offer advice and promotion for veterans seeking to start and establish businesses by translating the business world as the new battle space for challenges to the veteran entrepreneur. Connecting veterans to their ambitions and then developing that into a reality is something that Jon Lawson takes personal pride in. In fall of 2020, Jon Lawson was tapped to become the Communications Director of Mission Force where he seeks to push forward in advocacy and response to the veteran community. Using his skills, knowledge of media and business he plans to work with Mission Force to build results and actual action, sharing the ideal that awareness is simply not enough... that actions must be committed to or nothing will change for our community.
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