Since 1996, Mission Force Incorporated has helped service men and women across America successfully transition to civilian life so that they can truly come back home — body, mind and soul. We offer a variety of programs, what we call “Warrior Reintegration” which includes: Transition Assistance, helps veterans convert their military training, skills, and talents into valuable skills that can be applied to civilian life and emergency needs. Due to our large network of veterans, we team up with Atlas Aegis LLC to provide former highly skilled human assets to mitigate the human suffering during natural disasters. Our experience is worldwide having deployed to Nepal, Cambodia, Philippines, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, and many parts of the Middle East. We have also deployed to several hurricane’s including the most recent, Florence. Our mission is to give 100% of the donations coming into this non-profit to providing our highly talented veterans jobs helping those who need it.


Greg Wark

Greg Wark

Executive Director

PH: 619-405-7080
Email: greg@missionforce.org

Promoting dynamic, positive, and influential leadership in high-pressure environments is what Greg and his wife, Amber, have devoted themselves to for the last thirty years. Greg served as a senior pastor of three congregations in Southern California before transitioned to full-time work in leadership development of military and law-enforcement personnel. In 1996, Greg founded Mission Force, a non-profit organization, which uses mentoring relationships to help military personnel and their families cope with the emotional leftovers of their chosen service. Greg has been actively involved as a pastor, counselor, mentor, and friend in a network of dynamic, caring individuals who have committed their lives to honorable service of their country. Greg is also credentialed as a chaplain with a federal law enforcement agency. For Greg, the work of Mission Force is a continuation of his passion to create dynamic, positive leaders who defend the vulnerable and serve with excellence in civic responsibilities. Greg has authored 2 books. “A Prophets Reward,” and most recently “A Good Death.” He has earned several post-graduate degrees including a master’s Degree in Theology and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Greg and Amber have been married for forty years and have five children and eight grandchildren. They currently reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

James and Kim Cook

James and Kim Cook

Regional Director

PH: 573-502-3232
Email: james@missionforce.org

James and his wife Kim have spent the majority of their lives together in service to the country. James enlisted in the Marine Corps February 23, 2008 and served as a Marine for eight years.During this time he deployed to Afghanistan with Special Operations Task Force-81 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He spent 4 years in 1st Marine Special Operations Command as an enabler, and then laterally moved tobecome a Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner. James has served as a Team Leader, Section Leader and Platoon Sergeant. James spent most of his time with 1st MSOB in training for thesupport of Critical Skills Operators in theatre. He was attached to Alpha Company, Bravo Company and the SOTF. James has attended many schools while in the Marine Corps, to include--Survival Escape Resistance Evasion, Tactical Combat Casualty Car, Tier 1 Off-road Driving School, Machine Gun Leaders Course, Company level reconnaissance course, and Training Set, Fire Observation Course. He understands the struggles and hardships that service members, veterans and their families endure, because he himself has also had to endure them. James and Kim have been married for 10 years and have two daughters ages 7, and 3. They currently reside in Owensville, Missouri.

A very powerful and amazing ministry but I've been around since I was a child and for anyone who serves I recommend it highly. God bless

Brian Schofield

A much needed vision within our country. There are many Veterans feeling lost and in need of direction! God bless this ministry.

Jamie Nordstrom Fulstone

Great and amazing ministry to those who serve....God and country!

Churchill Smith