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December 2018

Into the Frey

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Mission Force exists to support our active duty military. Often people ask me what they can do to be more supportive. I always ask them to pray. Right now, someone is fighting for you! You can thank them by fighting for them in prayer. The email I received below underscores the power of YOUR prayers:

– As a Navy SEAL Platoon Commander on my fourth combat deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan, I often called on my close family and friends back home for prayer.  On multiple occasions, my own life was closely threatened, and I quickly came to realize the absolute power and necessity of prayer.  Every prayer said made a difference and saved a life. One night in May was my own!  As I wrote home to my prayer warriors for immediate prayer, “I just don’t want to run out of miracles!  The situation here is much, much different than it has ever been before… Pretty much like I’d imagine being in hell!  I’d only ask that you please continue to pray for my platoon and me… specifically for strength, courage and bold, decisive leadership.  I ask that the Lord guide my hand, my eyes and judgment while leading my men into battle.  That he would give my team the wisdom and patience to out think, out maneuver and continue to destroy the terrorists we hunt every night.  I’d pray that our actions continue to bring quick and certain death to the enemy!  Pray that the Lord forge an impenetrable barrier, that his heavenly angels would shroud us with his protection to shield us from the enemy.”  We are absolutely in a war of good and evil.  We fight evil men every night, and they do everything to test our resolve and our righteousness.